Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wednesday 3/14/12

To all,

Can you believe I have already been here one week! I have had the most amazing week! And of course it has had its challenges. I feel like I have learned so much, but I have so much more to learn too. My companion Sister Katoa is Tongan and from Salt Lake City. She actually went to elementary school at West Kearns :) I learned so much about the trust that my Heavenly Father has for me. There have been times that are challenging, but through it all I have had so much excitement and joy in my life. Amazing how that works! Today is my preparation day and I am excited to have the time to do those things that are necessary to prepare me for the week to come (wash clothes, write letters and clean dorm room). Things are very fast paced and there isn't always time to do that which is needed during the week. Today started with the best thing ever....going to the temple! LOVE IT!!! It's interesting too, because today was the mark of 2 months from when I went through for the first time.
We are organized in districts. My district is AMAZING. We get along so well and have such a wonderful spirit in our classroom. 3 of the elders are from Utah and the other 2 are from Detroit and Twin Falls. The other 2 sisters are both from Utah. It was been a joy to grow together and learn from one another. I want each of you to know that you have a loving Heavenly Father!! He cares so much about us and wants the best for us that He gave us life and a world to live on. Not only that, He restored the gospel of Jesus Christ here upon this earth that we may know his plan and find joy and happiness in this life and the life to come. If you ever question God's love for you, please kneel down and pray to know. He will be there listening and let you know if you do it with a sincere heart and with real intent to know what you are asking.
I wish I could describe everyday. It feels like each day just runs together. Our teacher asked us if we had learned something and who from and when. We only could remember we had learned it. So much going on but so wonderful. There are several Sisters and Elders(other missionaries) that I have seen or run into that I didn't even know were here. My district keeps telling me I know everyone. I just laugh. I think often how great it is that the Lord has called all of us at the same time to teach His children in various parts of the world. In our residence hall we are getting two new sisters that will be going to Germany. They will arrive today (Wed.). I hope they love it as much as we have loved being here.
I love what I am doing and I know that there is great joy in serving the Lord. He wants his children to come unto him and partake of the blessings that he has for each of us.
I love you all and appreciate the prayers and the support of me. Those of you that I have received mail from, I really appreciate it. Especially the box from Apt. ABC my district likes it too.
I know this is the work of the Lord and he loves each of us very much. He is there waiting with our stretched arms for us to come unto him and feel of his love.

Sister Carlton

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